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Herbal Medicine may be defined as: A system of medicine that utilises plant-derived preparations to treat, prevent, or cure disease.

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What Is Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine used by mankind. It is also referred to as botanical medicine, phytomedicine or phytotherapy. It is used in all societies and is common to all cultures.

Herbalism is the use of whole plants or plant parts, such as seeds, leaves, roots, bark, and flowers, to treat disease.

Herbal preparations include teas, extracts, poultices, etc., made from plant materials to treat health problems.

Chinese herbal medicine also makes use of minerals and animal products in addition to plant materials in their pharmacopoeia. Unlike western herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine rarely, if ever, uses single plant formulations to treat disease. Usually at least 3 or 4 ingredients are used to formulate a prescription.

To this day, western Orthodox medicine still uses herbs in many of their pharmaceutical drugs, such as opium, digitalis, and many others. Pharmaceutical companies are continually researching medicinal plants in order to find ‘new’ drugs and alternatives for the increasingly ineffective antibiotics.

Ethnobotany is a relatively new discipline that has emerged from a combination of disciplines, namely Anthropology and Botany. It focuses on the study of how plants are used, primarily for medicinal purposes, by native people all over the non-western world and tries to identify possible sources for the development of new pharmaceutical drugs.

Herbal medicine employs both ancient and modern knowledge to treat disease and promote well-being naturally.

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