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This growing library on Herbal Medicine is intended to provide you with information, news, herbal products and articles all in one place. We will continue to add new and topical information to this page as we become aware of it.

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Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
Essential oils are amazing substances and are used across a wide and diverse range of industries. Essential oils are found in products from the cosmetic industry, the food industry, and the perfume and beauty industries.

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Article - Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat disease - why are we still doubting its worth? - Interest in medicinal herbs is on the rise again and the interest is primarily from the pharmaceutical industry, which is always looking for 'new drugs'...

Article - Herbal Medicine: An Introduction To Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine still practiced today. Written records of Chinese herbal medicine date back many thousands of years and modern medicine still uses herbal extracts and other herbal preparations in their pharmaceutical drugs.

Article - Herbal Medicine: Is herbal medicine still relevant today?
Considering the very long traditional use of herbal medicines and the large body of evidence of their effectiveness, why is it that we are not generally encouraged to use traditional herbal medicine, instead of synthetic, incomplete copies of herbs, called drugs, considering the millions of dollars being spent looking for these seemingly elusive substances?

Article - Use of Thyme in Herbal Medicine
Thyme is one of the most well known culinary herbs and is commonly grown in gardens. It is a small perennial plant native to Europe and Asia, but has been adopted the World over. Thyme is an aromatic shrub with a gnarled woody stem that grows to 30cm tall. Its leaves are opposite and green-gray in colour.



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