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About the Herbal Medicine Web Site

The information on this site is provided by qualified, experienced medical herbalists. It is intended to provide in-depth information on herbal medicine and its applications.

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About HerbalMedicine.net.au

The authors of this web site are fully qualified and highly experienced medical herbalists with qualifications in traditional Chinese medicine, Western herbal medicine and Medical Aromatherapy, and all are actively engaged in scientific research into medicinal plants.

Their aim is to provide visitors with in-depth, quality information about herbal medicine, its applications and practice. In addition, the site provides a Bookstore, which contains carefully selected books on herbal medicine that cater for the professional as well as the layperson.

Over time increasingly more information on individual herbs will be presented and a growing list of articles will be made available.

We hope you will find this site interesting and informative and invite you to join our Newsletter.

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